WELCOME TO ACPENS ------- handmade exceptional pens ---------- WELCOME TO ACPENS ------- handmade exceptional pens ---------- WELCOME TO ACPENS

About ACPENS Store

ACPENS Store is a family owned store of handmade pens as well as duck callers which are sold online here at acpens.com

The store has been a hobby of mine for quite a few years, and have been a great collectors item, family/friend gifts, as well as offering unique pens to people all over the world.

Penmaker for over 10-years

As a boy, my father had a work shop for a hobby, making cabinets, tables, anything out of wood. He had all the wood making tools you can imagine, including a lathe. In high school i took a wood shop class and learned to use the lathe as well as other tools essential to making something out of wood. But as I grew older and into my adult life, I was no longer interested in wood shop, as the computer age was my main interest and focus. It wasn't till my mid-50's that I grew interested in making Pens from all kinds of wood and acrylic materials.

Pens sold all over the world

Since the new millenium, I have made all different styled pens, including the Fountain Pen. My pens are made from exotic wood found in the forests of South America, Africa, and even the Middle East. I have enjoyed selling my pens as far as Russia, Australia, and even the Middle East. 


To all of you, from all of us at ACPENS Store - Thank you and Happy Writing!

Armand Chabot